Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter for All Material


World's First Battery Powered Hand Held Suction Cup

Grabs a hold of rough, porous and wet surfaces too! Works on Tile and Floor, Windows and Doors, Carpenters and Wood Working, Movers, Fabricators, and even NASA

2 Hours Operation

3 Hours Fully Recharge

Technical Spesifications

Battery Voltage16V Li-ionBattery Cell Specification2.2 AhRated Power16WDimensions297 x 181 x 115mm
(11.7 x 7.1 x 4.5 inches)Net weight (with battery)1.5kg (3.3lbs)Working temperature-5°C – 60°C (23°F – 140°F)Working time (full charge)1.5 hours


Max Lifting Force
This table provides a rough estimation of the max perpendicular adhesion force and max parallel adhesion force on different materials. These values may vary depending on material and surface conditions.

Perpendicular HoldParallel HoldP/P RatioGlass170kg (375lbs)120kg (265lbs)0.7Metal110kg (242lbs110kg (242lbs)1Plastic100kg (220lbs)100kg (220lbs)1Wood100kg (220lbs)65kg (143lbs)0.65Ceramic Tile170kg (375lbs)120kg (265lbs)0.7Rough Concrete80kg (176lbs)80kg (176lbs)1Drywall75kg (165lbs)65kg (143lbs)0.87Rough Slate80kg (176lbs)80kg (176lbs)1

Pressure to perpendicular lifting force conversion
For a more accurate estimation, check the pressure gauge on your Grabo and use the table below to convert pressure values to max lifting force values. (Parallel holding force values can be calculated using the P/P ratio provided above for different materials.)

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