Our Focus is Reliability, Performance, and Durability

Our purpose is to research for and develop higher quality diamond tools and products for the stone, construction and other related industries.

In Korea, I ran a manufacturing company that provided diamond tools to the stone and construction industries. In U.S., I was shocked by high costs and low quality of diamond products in hardware stores throughout, and this inspired me to start a business that use my experience and knowledge in the field to create and patent higher quality diamond products with a more reasonable price. We successfully provided tools for Twin Tower site work, pipe cutting under seas, and nuclear plant maintenance.

Many local companies in different industries will benefit from our products that enable them to have more economical operations. Such improvement in efficiency will boost the development of the companies, and help our community in many aspects. 1) Our products will help companies in energy industry to supply ample energy to the community; 2) Our products will help reduce pollution and save environment with our innovative technology; 3) Many jobs will be created for new projects and companies.

We put much effort in R&D for best products for a long time and accumulated much technological prowess. Now is the time for us to focus more on market expansion. We are planning for various methods of marketing, and the generous grant from Chase will be a huge help for us to step up our marketing game. We are confident that, once a customer tries our tool, he/she will be fully satisfied with it, and we will make sure of that. We just need more people to get to know our product and try it once.

Due to the very nature of our tools and products, it takes a long time to secure and expand our market. However, we have been investing all our time and resources to research and development of great products for such a long time, and we really need that last push of branding our product. Therefore, we will promote our brand by various methods, including, but not limited to, actively participating in industry exhibitions, advertisement in related technology magazines, and online promotions.

All our employees are working together as one cohesive team. We have an employee who worked in the construction industry for more than 10 years and knows about everything a customer could possibly want and need. We have an employee who has years of experience in online promotion, advertisement, and marketing. We have a professional technician with skills and knowledge for manufacturing diamond tools from 15 years of work history. All our employees are team players who strive for one purpose.

Since established, Zered has grown into a leader in diamond tools and construction/safety products.

Our products are ranged from heavy duty diamond cutting tools, work boots, gloves, and chemical adhesives through core drill bits and more. Achieving remarkable growth by taking on challenges of manufacturing in an unprecedented way. Our products have been highly used and trusted by customers all across the globe. As a company, we will continue to grow with the industry and do our part in providing products of the highest standards.

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