KGCD Core Bits for Granite, Dry Use

KGCD Core Bits for Granite, Dry Use

ZERED Dry & Wet Core Bit For Granite with Side Protection

The Black Core Bits is part of our Supreme Black-SL professional series which provides the best quality, result, and life among all our core bits. It's designed to meet the demands of the most difficult and extreme projects. Due to its high quality arrangement of laser-welded diamonds, you can expect the best performance and exceptionally consistent results from this bit whether you are drilling granite, marble, engineered stone, or other types of stones.

If you need to make a hole, you've found the perfect bit for it.

  • The best selling core bits for granite
  • Available Full Size from 1" to 6"
  • Side Protection with diamond helps to drill faster and easier!
  • Fast Drilling and Smooth Operation
  • Faster coring and longer life
  • Can hold up to extreme heat and cutting pressure
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