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1 Lt, KR33 Solvent Base COLOR ENHANCER

1 Lt, KR33 Solvent Base COLOR ENHANCER

- Imported from ITALY

- Reviver of The Natural Color

- Water Repellent Sealer


IMPREGNATOR, WATER REPELLENT, REVIVER FOR POLISHED MARBLE AND GRANITE (notrough or flamed or unfinished).Makes treated surface water- and dirt-repellent. Revives the natural colour, leaving surface uniformlyglossy, not affecting color or physical properties of stone surfaces

All absorbing natural stone: polished granites and marbles

How to use
Apply undiluted to dry and clean surfaces with a brush or cotton cloth and let the material impregnateaccording to the porosity. For very porous materials, after drying, may be necessary to repeat theapplication.Important: Do not leave excess of product dry on surface. Remove the excess of product with a clean (andpossibly white) cotton cloth.

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