Zered 3" Concrete Floor Polishing Pad, T-Type - FRP-T

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- Our Items # : FRP-T
- Size: 3" x 10mm Thickness with Velcro Back

This 3” resin pad is ideal for use in opening steps on bare concrete. 
Excellent scratch pattern for polishing old or new concrete.
long-lasting durable pads are easy to change. 
Because of the 10 mm 
of diamond resin, this pad has a much longer life
to low grit resin pads and is ideal for aggressive grinding.

For concrete & concrete flooring, a high quality job is guaranteed with 
our premium diamond polishing pad

103508 FRP-T
Zered Concrete Floor Polishing Pad

To whom it may concern:

My company purchases between 27-63 of these a week. I would like to test a small order first to decide if we value the quality of the tooling versus the price.