Zered Wyverns Diamond Wire - 7WRW

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One for All. Dry or Wet use Wyverns Diamond Wire can cut all kind of material with long duration-Concrete, granite, marble, even any kind of steel. Also big range of diamond bond system and size of diameter of wire can help you to use right Wyverns Wire for any job so simply can save time and money, and easy to work. - New Connection System to protect lose part of wire - Can be used Dry or Wet, it doesn't matter - Will not happen to be caught for bead at the corner of the infrastructure, cause Wyverns Diamond Wire don't have Bead. - Double life time of bead type wire, cause it will work from 11mm to 6.5mm of wire diameter - Really good for Multi Wire Machine - No limit to make small diameter of wire like 5mm, 4mm..... 

103493 7WRW-1180

Zered Wyverns Diamond Wire - 7WRW

We get to test this diamond rope. There iron in concrete. I want to cut water system will be very fast cutting.
we want the clock in 1 square meter to the surface section

We use wire saw 11 mm diameter We want 13 meters to test price and delivery time

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We are a Turkey based company, our company name Gürmak project

We use our 14 Wire saw machine Tyrolit WCH

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Gürmak Proje

Diamond Wire - 7WRW - 100m - price(cost)

I would like to receive a quote for a sintered diamond wire with a max OD for the beads of 2mm. Is it possible to produce a diamond wire this small?