Zered Silent Core Bridge Saw Blades - SleepWell - J2SGS-H20

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- SleepWell Blades
  After we sell this blades, we can sleepwell at night time, cause nobody complain..
- Work good with any machine, any HP and RPM

This is our best performing supreme bridge saw diamond blade; part of our J2-H20 series line, when used with a high horsepower machine (over 20 HP), this blade will produce clean, outstanding cuts. The Special Diamond Bond used for the segments allows for cutting through granite, marble, and a variety of other stones with top performance.

103642 J2SGS18-H20
18" x 20mm, 50-60mm
103641 J2SGS16-H20
16" x 20mm, 50-60mm
103640 J2SGS14-H20
14" x 20mm, 50-60mm