Zered Turbo Blades Blue - Dry - SleepWell - TB-CB

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- Supreme Quality
- SleepWell Brand 
Nobody compalin with this items, so we can sleep well at night time

Our supreme series dry cut turbo blade is our highest quality turbo blade for cutting stones. With a full 10mm segment of high quality diamond and bond material, this blade will give you fast and clean cuts with no issues. Although this blade is generally used dry, you can extend the life and quality cuts of the blade by a significant amount by using it with water. Manufactured and designed in korea, all our blade products are produced under a strict quality control system; you can expect consistent & reliable results from our blades.

103329 TB6-CB
6" Turbo Blade - Supreme
103304 TB5-CB
5" Turbo Blade - Supreme

Any 12" Granite Blades? Non Silent. Thank You.