Zered Metal Dot Pad for Concrete, SleepWell

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-Long lasting and Aggressive design
-Use for light shaping work, Smoothing and preparing for the polishing process

This metal polishing pad is part of our Premium metal concrete series which is designed for  fine grinding/polishing prep for concrete flooring. Because of the metal bond, this pad has a much longer life compared to low grit resin pads and is ideal for aggressive grinding. This pad will give you the best foundation to perform your finer polishing with higher grit resin pads on your concrete. 

From concrete flooring to walls, a high quality job is guaranteed with our unique polishing pad. Manufactured and designed in korea, all our products are produced under a strict quality control system; you can expect consistent & reliable results from our high quality pads.


103057 MPC5-30C
5" Zered Metal Dot Pad, Available #30, 60, 150, 300
103001 MPC3-30S
3" Zered Metal Dot Pad, Available #30, 60, 150, 300
102831 MPC4-30S
4" Zered Metal Dot Pad, Available #30, 60, 150, 300

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knleeldgeabow?

Wanting to by 12 each of the ZERED 3" Metal Dot pads for concrete grinding/polishing wet or dry. We have used your pads in the past and found that they cut quite well, though the heat generated when polishing dry causes the velcro backing to cease very hard to its mate on the backing pad. Sometimes this causes the pad to be damaged when taking it off.

By-the-way, pads we need would be 1 doz each of 30's, 60's and 150's.
Thank you,