General Monocera Wax, Liquid

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Name: General Monocera Wax, Liquid

MONOCERA ZERO SOLVENTS is a liquid formulation exclusively based on micro-emulsions of waxes, water
based, totally solvent free for the respect of the environment.
Several kind of waxes, mainly natural, grants to the product a great versatility of use and multiplicity of effects
not easily obtained with a single product.
Its main characteristic is the extraordinary polishing power performed by the presence of hard natural waxes
and the very good antistatic and anti dust effect enhancing the clean and the gloss.
It is particularly suitable for polished stones such as marble, granites and hard natural stones, terrazzo, gres
porcelain tiles.
MONOCERA ZERO SOLVENTS dries quickly without leaving marks or halos on the surface, repels the
humidity and the dust accumulation and during the application performs also a soft detergent action removing
light traces of dirt.


104173 GWAX-WLW
General Monocera Wax, Liquid