Polmar Luxor, Powder for Marble

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Name: Polmar Luxor, Powder for Marble

This product, in powder form, is recommended for polishing all types of marble, even if hard, such as Green
Alps, Grey Carnico, Black Portoro and for all types of marble whose surface is hardened by impurities. Thanks
to the use of high-level abrasive substances combined with sealant, synthetic and crystallizing chemical
substances, a perfect chemical-mechanical polish is achieved.
This powder is utilized by the help of mechanical floor polishing machines (for use with 1000-2000 rpm)
equipped with polishing felt pad. The complete absence of oxalic acid avoids that the heating of the marble, due
to the friction, develops “oxalic acid burnings" marks. At the same time, the presence of metallic powder assures
a seal that covers even the smallest surface imperfections.
The granular dimensions of the powder (fineness) have been exhaustively researched, formulated and balanced
to allow for the fastest and most economical machine polishing on marble that is pre-polished at 400 or even
800 grain; by this way a perfect, completely stable, long lasting polish is obtained. Testing a small, hidden area
is recommended before application to evaluate the effect obtained, rate of consumption and correct amount to
use for the particular marble surface in question.
Besides the very high polishing power, POLMAR LUXOR performs a “filling” function of the micro-cavities on the
surface of the treated material.

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Polmar Luxor, Powder for Marble