Gold Seal Supreme Powder for Marble

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Name: Gold Seal Supreme Powder for Marble

The use of high-level abrasive substances combined with chemical substances and sealing synthetic and
natural resins performs a perfect chemical-mechanical polishing.
AGGLOPOLISH GOLD SEAL is used both by traditional mechanical polishing machine and single-brush machine
fitted with polishing felt or pad.
The thinness of the texture is carefully studied, formulated and balanced to allow a faster and economic
mechanical polishing on pre-grinded marbles (grit 400 till to 800).
It doesn’t contain waxes and the surfaces aren’t slippery like after the treatment by wax based products.
AGGLOPOLISH GOLD SEAL is the ideal product for
• increasing the shine degree on new materials not specially shining, without to repeat a new and costy
polishing operation;
• increasing the shine degree of color materials;
• recovering of the gloss of marble and agglomerate floors having lost the original shine;
• restoring the shine of marble floors avoiding the frequent crystallizations (frequent crystallization may
cause the alteration of the original and natural look of the marble).
Furthermore, thanks to the natural resins, its “filling” function of the microcavities of the surface of the material
increases the polishing power for a more longlasting and stable shine.

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Gold Seal Supreme Powder for Marble