General Poliep for Wet Surface, Polyepoxy

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Our Item:EPOX-PE
Name: General Poliep

Nature of the product

POLIEP adhesive/glue has mechanical and adhesion
characteristics superior to all the standard polyester
adhesives; this due to the contemporary presence into the
formula of epoxydes combined to different polyester resins
(from rigid to highly flexible and elastic) so as to allow safe
bonding/gluing also in the most difficult conditions.
POLIEP is different from Poliepoxy, of which keeps the main
characteristics, because of:
• higher total content of resins;
• longer working time (better wettability also on less porous
supports: iron, etc.);
• longer self-life and stability;
• low odour and styrene controlled emission thanks to the
presence of appropriated inhibitors;
• better polishing result thanks to the presence of suitable
and studied mineral fillers.


Permanent bonding/gluing of MARBLE, GRANITE,
STONES, IRON, WOOD. Subject to verification test on
site, it can be used also on humid or wet supports.

104934 EPOX-PE-BKG
General Poliep for Wet Surface, Polyepoxy