Epoxy Glass, Clear, Semi Knife Grade, 1.5KG (A+B)

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Name: Epoxy Glass, Clear, Semi Knife Grade, 1.5KG

Bi-component epoxy adhesive, thixotropic, colourless, practically odourless.
 Formulated for the permanent bonding of granites and marbles,
 it is suitable for bonding any kind of natural or engineered stone also to
 heterogeneous materials as it performs a good and very good adhesion on
 wood, metal, glass, concrete. After hardening, it is characterized by its high
 vitreous structure. Adheres even on difficult surfaces or humid materials where
 the polyester adhesive have poor or null adhesion. Its thixotropic characteristic
 makes is suitable for application on vertical surfaces and the negligible shrinkage
 allows the reparation of deep micro-cracking  and hollows by only one operation.
     Bonding of any kind of stone and ceramic materials, both natural and synthetic,
     between them or to heterogeneous supports such as metal, wood, glass, concrete:

104856 EPOX-G-AB21KG
Epoxy Glass, Clear, Semi Knife Grade, 1.5KG (A+B)