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Concrete Grinding&Polishing
J5 Turbine Wheel with Module - Diamond Tools from Zered, Inc. Mikury Wire, Metal Pad, Concrete Polishing Pad, Grinding Cup Wheel, Core Dril Bits, Saw Blade, Router bit, Sand Paper
J5 Turbine Wheel with Module
J5 Turbine Wheel with Module J5 Turbine Wheel with Module
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J5 Turbine Wheel with Module
1. Application 。Epoxy coating removal (1-2mm thickness) 。Concrete floor finishing (soft grinding) 。Grinding of rust or paint on metal panel 。FRP grinding 。Sanding on wood, timber structures 2. Feature Compatible with any type of grinding machine 。Works in wide range of operation speed (300-4000rpm) 。Remarkable surface roughness (no need any further steps) 。Flexibility and elasticity absorbs impact and vibration 。Easy changing of the diamond module without any tool 。Comfortable and easy handling (no directional character) 。Round design of module prevents the glazing problem 。No pollutant involved in the tool and module 。Grinded paint shape seems like crumbs and can be collected easily by vacuum suction device 。Longg life time until all brazed diamond wear out 。Minimized grinding for only coating removal without any damage on the concrete 。Minimized dust reduce the cost for waste 。Easy to keep and carry without damage and spoil

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  • J5 turbine Wheel

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