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Location : CONSTRUCTION > Wire Saw
Wire Saw
Mikury Wire Saw - Diamond Tools from Zered, Inc. Mikury Wire, Metal Pad, Concrete Polishing Pad, Grinding Cup Wheel, Core Dril Bits, Saw Blade, Router bit, Sand Paper
Mikury Wire Saw

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Mikury Wire Saw
Mikury Wire Saw is just made with Diamond Spring without diamond bead, to improve cutting speed and life to compare with Vacuum brazed and Electric Plated Wire Saw, even Sintered Type Wire, Mikury Wire Saw can cut any kind of Steel and Metal with Smooth, specially H-Beam, Cast Iron, Ferroconcrete, etc. if you have to cut steel or ferroconcrete in the water, We can recommend Mikury Wire Saw. because Mikury Wire Saw do not happen water drench during cut under the water. it will increase cutting speed. if you are using electric plated or vacuum brazed type wire to cut Marble and granite Quary, we can recommend Mikury Wire Saw, because you can get double life. Also Mikury Wire Saw have many Features like 1. The rotary direction is not coming to decide . Can be used any direction, 2.Can reduce the number of the subsidiary pulley, because very light, 3.It will not happen to be caught for bead at the corner of the infrastructure, because Mikury Wire Saw dont have Bead.

Video Clip
  • Dry Cutting for Stainless Steel with Mikury1
  • Dry Cutting for H Beam with Mikury2

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    ID Code Specification Qty Action
    103387 7WRM09-45 Mikury Wire x 9mm, for Stainless Steel
    103287 7WRM98-34 Mikury Wire x 9.8mm, for all kind Steel