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Location : GRANITE, STONE > Polishing Pad
Polishing Pad
Tornado Polishing Pad - Diamond Tools from Zered, Inc. Mikury Wire, Metal Pad, Concrete Polishing Pad, Grinding Cup Wheel, Core Dril Bits, Saw Blade, Router bit, Sand Paper
Tornado Polishing Pad

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Tornado Polishing Pad
Tornado Polishing Pad. This listing is for one of our 4" Tornado Pad sets for Straight Edges and these are a new idea and a great product from us. They are a hybrid copper and resin bond designed for wet polishing straight edges by hand to a high luster. If you have ever had a problem getting a high gloss over the lamination area on your vertical edges, these are the pads for you! These pads use an outer polishing ring which is made from a copper bond and an inner ring from a resin bond. The copper bond is a soft metal that will take away scratches better than a metal bond will, allowing the resin bond to polish to the highest luster.

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ID Code Specification Qty Action
102891 PP4-T100 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #100
102895 PP4-T1500 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #1500
102892 PP4-T200 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #200
102896 PP4-T3000 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #3000
102893 PP4-T400 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #400
102894 PP4-T800 4" TORNADO POLISHING PAD X #800